Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Phillips Day-Brite

Phillips Day-Brite has introduced an initial offering of Revit families for some of their products. These include:

  • FBF fluorescent high bays
  • HCE product, including acrylic, aluminum and glass refletor units
  • UltiMIN products
  • Attune
  • Attune Air
  • Surface Attune
  • High Performance Industrial
  • Industrial Kinetics
  • LP3Paralouver
  • Microslot
  • Perform
  • SofTrace
  • SofTrace Air
  • TG Products
You can access these on their website Day-Brite Lighting. Locate the fixture of interest and if a Revit family is available, there will be a link in the list of downloads. I have also added them to my list of manufacturers who are providing Revit content.

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